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Jenny Liang is a design strategist who specializes in helping companies develop humanistic teams and products.



Services range from rich programs of  scenario building, ideation and evaluation to empathy workshops and ad hoc coaching.

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What is a Design Strategist?

Design strategists help companies come up with desirable, new products and services and provide guidelines for their development. We follow the human-centered design process, which involves research, ideation and refinement of concepts.

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Empathy & Design Ethics

As intelligent technology becomes more pervasive and mainstream, so will grappling with the ethical dilemmas that accompany them. Empathetic development teams collaborate more efficiently and produce more humanistic products and services.

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My Practice

I've worked in the design and innovation space for over 10 years. I specialize in distilling emotional complexity down to frameworks that guide design decisions.


"Jenny is truly a design leader and an asset for any business."

William Feng, Head of Learning and Development at BCG Digital Ventures


Walking the Talk

Studying ethics and empathy supports productive and fulfilling relationships.