Working with a Design Strategist


What is a Design Strategist?

Design strategists help companies come up with desirable, new products and services and provide guidelines for their development. We follow the human-centered design process, which involves research, ideation and refinement of concepts. At our core, we are empathetic creatives who like to dissect complex problems and design solutions that honor people’s fundamental desires.

Design strategists work well with people who are open-minded and expansive while offering up challenging, real-world constraints. Seasoned design strategists strike the right balance between bringing a fresh perspective and tapping into clients’ rich store of knowledge about their business and customers.

Design Strategy Programs

A typical design strategy program outlines what will happen, to what end, and culminates in a presentation and report. Full programs include framing the problem, research, ideation, testing and synthesizing findings into actionable guidelines.

Some clients may not need a full program and work with a design strategist on specific parts of this process or to coach their team to apply the process on their own. This could take the form of a workshops and ad hoc advising. We'll work together to scope deliverables that empower you to realize your vision.