These collaborative services encourage the development of ethical and empathetic products, services and teams. We’ll calibrate each activity to your specific needs and context.

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Product Evaluation

We evaluate your product(s) through an ethical lens. We begin with an audit of the needs and desires of each stakeholder in your product ecosystem. We then review how your product impacts each stakeholder and how much this overlaps with their needs and desires. Based on this, we’ll outline opportunities and recommendations to increase this overlap.

Morality Mapping

People vary in what they think is right and wrong. Starting with moral foundations theory, we research and unpack how your stakeholders vary in their moral leanings and create guidelines that direct your product, team or algorithm to appropriately navigate these variations.

Scenario Development

We envision a large number of usage scenarios for your product, ranging from the ideal to the dystopic, present to futuristic, mild to extreme. From this list, we’ll unearth ethically ambiguous scenarios that can inform design and implementation decisions. To start, we may imagine how your product might be used in inspirational contexts (e.g., an episode of Black Mirror, Star Trek, or Harry Potter) and then examine any ethical tensions that arise.

ETHICAL Engagement GuidelineS

We create actionable engagement guidelines that incorporate the values, aspirations and concerns of your stakeholders, while also considering larger cultural norms and expectations. This service incorporates research, writing and deployment strategy, as needed.


Ethical Design Workshop

This workshop introduces your team to principles of ethical design and provides stimuli and interactive activities that help team to put theory into practice. The length, design and interactivity of the workshop are tailored to your goals and team’s disposition.

Empathetic Influence Workshop

This workshop teaches your team how to cultivate and mobilize emotional intelligence to be more influential. Exercises are organized around the Behavioral Change Stairway Model, an empathetic process developed by the FBI for hostage negotiation. This workshop is tailored based on desired outcomes, audience and availability.

Collaborative Coaching

 One-on-one advising tailored to help you and your team apply Empathetic Influence principles in real-world situations.

Custom Programs

Every client’s needs and context are unique. Custom programs may complement the above activities with design research, sketching, ideation and personalization strategy to create a comprehensive set of activities that give you confidence in your path forward.