“Jenny has the innate ability to take 3 steps back and help the team see the bigger picture. She makes the bigger narrative and vision tangibly concrete, meaningful and actionable. Her work helped inform the underpinnings of a data science venture using the codification of empathy and human-centered personalization.”
— Kevin Bethune, CCO, dreams • design + life



"[Jenny worked] with me as the subject matter expert for the "Influence through Empathy" workshop. She created content that was creative, refreshing, and meaningful. I was impressed with her passion and dedication to developing our talents with her heart. She spent time to design the content with me and to ensure that the training supported ongoing behavior change. The way she facilitated the workshop was fun and impactful. She really owned the room and helped our people develop the knowledge and skills in empathy."

— WILLIAM FENG, Head Of Learning & Development, BCG DIGITAL VENTURES

"Jenny brings a wealth of experience deeply analyzing the human condition and understanding what makes people tick. As soon as she wraps her head around the goal, she employs and creates effective tools to solve the problems - always keeping the users’ needs front and center… She cares deeply about the expectations of teammates and client, and is always prepared to meet or exceed those expectations.

Jenny is a well-rounded, passionate and highly capable creative problem solver. She approaches problems with curiosity and an open mind, and then can extract and articulate meaningful and actionable insights. She does all this with a friendly and humble demeanor - she’s a joy to work with."


"I actively seek Jenny’s feedback on navigating interpersonal dynamics on multidisciplinary teams. In particular, how can I, as an experience designer, build more trust and influence on my case teams and not just be seen as a “pixel pusher.’ She always made time for my questions and freely shares tips and methods with which she’s found success.

She has a unique ability when presented with a problem, to understand the motivations of others and devise an approach that addresses the gap in my behavior and fill the gap left by others. Most recently, she’s shared a methodology that she uses to collaborate with other disciplines to be more solution oriented and help drive thoughtful decisioning with leadership."

— Krystle Johnson, SR UX Designer, BCG Digital Ventures


"Thanks for the amazing workshop. It ignited a part of me that I feel was always there yet the right connection wasn't made prior to your workshop. Kind of like Seth Godin's reference to finding your niche activates a part of you that you didn't even know existed yet feels like the most authentic part of you - when experienced."




"Jenny has the natural ability and inclination to engage and address any audience and group of people… She is one of the most empathetic people I have known, and displays an insane amount of thoughtfulness and respect to the people around her. She is very influential in any team setting and is seen as a very valuable asset to any team."  



"Jenny is literally the best communicator that I’ve worked with… She maintains great empathy for each of the disciplines on a case and does a fabulous job setting expectations, pushing back when needed and doing so in a way that frames the discussion with trade-offs, so it makes decision-making transparent and easy."


"Jenny has a methodical mind. She leveraged learnings on a previous case to create a framework to drive thinking. Jenny took the time to walk each member of the team through her framework...This established common ground amongst each member on the team. It gave us a common language on which to discuss personalization.

When I created concept prototypes, I was able to leverage these principles and build on the common understanding for quick buy-in with my team. This is HUGE. So often, we speak different languages and approach problems from various angles. Grounding the team in a central foundation allows us to diverge within agreed guardrails."

— Former Teammate


"Jenny effectively drives and motivates team creativity by creating a safe environment for the team to contribute insights and ideas, particularly through brainstorming sessions that she leads. She asks the right questions, and effectively communicates in a way that is relevant to the group of people she is addressing. She also is able to teach methods to solve difficult problems, and allows the entirety of the team to come up with effective solutions through her methods. She gets the team to identify second and third order implications. She has the innate ability to draw out the team’s ideas and creative thinking."

— Former Teammate