I help companies develop humanistic teams and products.

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I believe we need to build new vocabulary and practices around the ethics of using different technologies across different contexts.

As intelligent technologies become more pervasive and mainstream, so will grappling with the ethical dilemmas that accompany them. If AI is to become empathetic, whose interests could it serve? ...should it serve? I use my ability to distill complex perspectives, motivations and systems of morality, to help clients to anticipate and address potential ethical dilemmas. I am based in Los Angeles and work frequently with clients based elsewhere.

My practice stems from my experiences talking to people all over the world about their values, designing responses as a strategist and product designer, shaping methodology as an instructor at OTIS College of Art and Design and guest lecturer at UCLA and USC, and working with teams to develop machine learning driven experiences. I am also a scientist and suicide and crisis hotline counselor and mentor to several younger designers. I graduated with honors from UC Berkeley in Plant Biology and hold a MS in Industrial Design from Art Center College of Design.